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L&M Health and Wellness (BodyMed Spa)

StartFragmentTransform your body today with non invasive treatments based on years of research, testing, and client results Some works with the body's own natural system while others stimulate the production of collagen for tighter skin. The results: a slim, firm shapely appearance. Check out L&M BodymedSpa this month's deals. Beginning 1-11-2020. We offer the total body Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Contouring, Strawberry Laser Lipo, Butt Enhancement (Delfin cups),V-Steam Vaginal Rejuvenation, Infrared Sauna Weight loss therapy(Body Wrapping) Foot Bathe Detox, Womb Smutching and also His Steaming for the males Prostate for those who may want to share a rare intimate moment with their mate. Packages consist of 3 30 min sessions Strawberry Laser Lipo $700.00 5 25 min sessions Body Contouring $575.00 your section of choice target areas 5 30 min sessions Butt Enhancement (Delfin Cups) $300.00 5 30 min sessions Infrared sauna Steam weight loss wrapping $225.00 you may custom design your package 3Body Contouring, 2 V-Steam 1 body wrap $425.00 2 weight loss wraps, 3 Body Contouring. 2 v-steam 1 foot bathe $600.00 Detox Package: 3 weight loss wraps, 2 v-steams 2 foot bathes $275.00 3 Body Contouring 2 Butt Enhancement, 2 foot Bathes $ 575.00 The complete Mommy make over, 5 Body Contouring, 5 V-Steams, 5 Butt Enhancements, and 5 Sauna Wraps and 2 Foot Bathes $1675.00 Payment Plans are available, Book your appointments today . deposit are required before appointments are set: for more details please call Celesta at 6159770613 or email Get a jumpstart on your New Years Plan.

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